Installation and<br>processing system

Installation and
processing system

Advanced automation systems and modern technologies characterize our plant, fully equipped with stainless steel piping. Every step of the processing is monitored in real time, thanks to a fibre-optic network, to ensure the best results and quality of our finished product.

Let’s crunch a bit of numbers. Here are the figures of our plants:

  • Silos for 21,000 tons of grain in storage, ensuring supply consistency of the product.
  • Flour mixers for 4,000 tons of bulk flours left to stand after milling.
  • Silos for 800 tonnes of by-products storage.
  • Warehouse for 450 tonnes of bagged flour to ensure fast delivery schedules.
  • 2 mixing lines to ensure the greatest flexibility in the production of flours.
  • Milling capacity of 380 tonnes in 24 hours.
  • Total area of 39,980 square metres.